Roots Asia Pacific to take part in a game of Quidditch

First Malaysian company to start own Quidditch team.

Andrew Kasimir


Just a few weeks ago the Quidditch community was abuzz with news that companies like HootSuite, Mobify, and EA Sports had started their own company Quidditch teams.

A bit closer to home in Malaysia, Roots Asia Pacific has put together a team with a mean ass logo (designed by Jeremy Mark) for their upcoming friendly match with the Damansara Dementors Quidditch team on the 25th of May 2014.

Did I mention that they’ve named themselves Mandrake Roots Asia Pacific?

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Temporary Romantic Infatuation

So I just got home from a movie date. Watched X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

One word:



Goodness gracious me. I’ve never seen so much ripped muscles on screen before… besides 300. That movie made me a woman.

And, there it was. A well-toned, butt-white Hugh Jackman running stark naked across the screen….


Fantabulous man.

Blady hell, I wish I were in that old man’s shoes at the barn. Except the part where he got shot… That was kinda sad.

Anyway, back to the movie. I found it tragic that he couldn’t remember his kindergarten teacher girlfriend in the end. Poor girl died for nothing. Became a lost memory. Then again, she was a little self-centered when she played him out.


Yeah! She should’ve thought about it properly before she did so. He was so sweet and loving to her. I mean, c’mon girl! If I had a man with a bod of Mr. Jackman, I would think twice before sticking a knife into his heart. What’s more, with the whole lotta lurrrvveee in that virility… Youse a fool, girl.

You rarely come across a man like this.

They are a dying species.

Near to extinction.

All you have nowadays are whiny/incompetent/puerile douchebags.

Who either want you to mollycoddle them AND/OR most likely want to get in your pants, and use you dry.



Plus, did you see how he was so hurt after he found out? I tell ye, I wanted to reach out to the screen and comfort him.

And what’s the deal with his brother, Victor Creed aka Sabretooth aka Vengeful-Fanged-Dude-in-desperate-need-of-a-manicure-&-orthodontist? Hot and Cold syndrome. Gosh.

However, I didn’t find the jokes funny at all. About 25% of them were passable. They were the kind where after hearing it, you just go “hehr”.

I did laugh out when I saw what Stryker did to Ryan Reynolds (Wade aka Deadpool). Oh….HAHAHAHA! He became Freako!

Like friggin heck, I wasn’t even concentrating on the movie. Sigh… All I thought was: Hey! Since Kayla the Persuasion Chick duped you, Logan, come take my hand and you can totally forget about her. And yes, siree, you can be ‘THE ANIMAL’ in MYbedroom.Foster-s-Icons-fosters-home-for-imaginary-friends-1180853_75_75

All in all, he’ll be my summer infatuation for this year. Again.

Though, the crops are kind of dry now. And Houston, we’re heading for a drought.

Something for you girls (and guys) to ogle at in the meantime.hugh-jackman-20060825-155170

I just had to.

Sighhhhh…what a man….

Mutaneously yours,